Well here we are.

After years ignoring the advice of those more experienced in this 'arty' thing and after making a plonker out of myself by asking advice about things an ill informed mollusc could work out for themselves, I have finally decided to BLOG.


This is just about me and the things that drive me to scribble on paper and splash colour on canvas.

To doodle and daub.


It's about hills, mountains, heath and woodland.

It's about walking, cycling and  travelling the green glory of the West Country.


It's about small scale adventures, minor explorations, tiny personal discoveries.


I hope to be informative and entertaining. If I'm not- apologies. If I'm wrong (I often am!) tell me!


If you want to leave a comment please DO! ...but if you want to insult (Ive seen this on other sites)..don't waste your time - I'll just ignore you. 27 years in education - I've seen it all before.




Welcome to my blog



Where to begin...hmmmm..

By cobbart, May 13 2016 11:20AM

Lets start at the very beginning...a very good place to start...(okay, enough with the Sound of Music..)

This is the painting my good mate Nige ( you'll hear more about him if you follow ) likes best. It's not my first by any means. But it is the one that caused enough reaction to make me think about doing this daubing thing more seriously.

It was the Winter of 2013/14. There had been a LOT of rain.

The wonderful wetland area of of the Somerset levels had become an inland sea and, while this caused much misery to those who live in the area, it produced some astonishingly beautiful though temporary, scenery. I was in a bit of a hiatus. An operation to remove a rather nasty lumpy thing from my throat had left me 'messed up' - physically and mentally. I had retired early from teaching and was not in a fit enough state (in my head mainly) to go back full time. So, lots of spare time--not much money--but lots of time.


Every opportunity - that is whenever the rain wasnt torrential I'd get out on the wheels. Often on my own (good for the head), and often with fellow wetland submariner Mark ( thats him in the photo)

In places the water would be up to the pedals. And cold. ...and, well - there's big kids in all of us and what a playground we had!

But more than anything - the magical scenery.


Anyway...time on my hands..couldn't cycle everyday so I bought three cheap canvases and a set of Windsor and Newton Acrylics and got daubing.

This was the first.

Glastonbury Tor from the Godney road (that's it underwater!)

Its on the lounge wall.

Its the only painting I won't sell.

Nige wants it...tough.

Glastonbury Tor from the Godney Road.   Acrylic on Canvas 2014
Glastonbury Tor from the Godney Road. Acrylic on Canvas 2014
...those are field on either side of the road. Fantastic.
...those are field on either side of the road. Fantastic.
...submarine cyclist Mark just before he lost his pump, never to be found..
...submarine cyclist Mark just before he lost his pump, never to be found..
May 13 2016 04:31PM by Val

Good blogging Steve!

May 16 2016 06:55PM by Blonde Two

It is the most amazing painting. You definitely shouldn't sell it ...

May 23 2016 11:00PM by cobbart

Couldn't sell it. It's too personal. Bit arty farty but its a sort of 'Light at the end of the tunnel' picture. How I felt at the time after a nasty illness (which for a while I thought was actually a lot nastier!), being treated badly by work on top of years of dealing with a very ill daughter...yes...silver linings!!

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