Well here we are.

After years ignoring the advice of those more experienced in this 'arty' thing and after making a plonker out of myself by asking advice about things an ill informed mollusc could work out for themselves, I have finally decided to BLOG.


This is just about me and the things that drive me to scribble on paper and splash colour on canvas.

To doodle and daub.


It's about hills, mountains, heath and woodland.

It's about walking, cycling and  travelling the green glory of the West Country.


It's about small scale adventures, minor explorations, tiny personal discoveries.


I hope to be informative and entertaining. If I'm not- apologies. If I'm wrong (I often am!) tell me!


If you want to leave a comment please DO! ...but if you want to insult (Ive seen this on other sites)..don't waste your time - I'll just ignore you. 27 years in education - I've seen it all before.




Welcome to my blog



....in print!!!.....

By cobbart, Jun 10 2016 09:07AM

The Cover!!! with my name on it!!! (didn't expect that!)
The Cover!!! with my name on it!!! (didn't expect that!)
Compilation of illustrations - hey ....look here!!!
Compilation of illustrations - hey ....look here!!!

Well here we are.

My piccies in print for the first time.

Great feeling!.

Now I'm really looking forward to getting up to Princetown for the launch. Got to get some prints and cards made first - once again, learning on the job!. That should all be done by the end of June.

If nothing else its an opportunity to enjoy Dartmoor from a difference perspective, that is without feeling compelled to stride out over the blasted plain and cover as many miles as possible.

Looking forward to a day walking and a day at the National Park Summer Fair promoting the book and trying to get a few painting/prints shifted onto other people's walls.

The Summer Fair is on Saturday July 30th.

At Princetown -

See you there!!!

..and don't forget to have a look at Twitter: @BlondesTwo & @IggieBowerman and facebook.com/ Two Blondes Walking

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