Steve Cobbin

Born in London.  Escaped to Somerset in 1988. Definitely a good move!

Educated at London University (Geology BSc) and worked at Kings College London for a few years, spending all the money I earned getting away to the countryside to walk on the hills, moors and mountains.

I moved to Bath in ’88 to take a teaching qualification then got a job as a science teacher at a school in South Somerset where I battled on through thick and thin until  2013 when I got poorly and left full time teaching. Not great. However, clouds do have silver linings and while recovering I rediscovered my love of art.

All my art is inspired by landscape. The Levels of Somerset and the Mendips are where I started; in my local environment. I have painted the mountains of Wales and the coast of Dorset and I am constantly drawn to the rugged beauty of Dartmoor; the rugged Tors and wild open moors littered with the evidence of human activity; stone circles, mines , quarries, and ancient tracks -  ancient gnarled woods and blasted heaths.

In my paintings I try to capture some of the magic of those places. I use vivid colour and contrast but try to remain faithful to the place. A painting is as much about how I feel about a scene as it is about its physical appearance.

As well as painting I love to draw, and I was asked recently to contribute illustrations to a children’s book – “The Non-story of Ignatius Bowerman” -  a magical story set on Dartmoor by Fi Darby , one of the ‘Two Blondes’  - outdoor champions, bloggers, D of E’ers , and all-round Dartmoor enthusiasts. Probably the nicest ‘job’ I’ve ever had!

My ‘day job’?....I work part time with autistic children. It is fascinating and rewarding work. On my days off I get out on the bike, or on foot putting in the miles, then paint the scenes that have caught my eye.

You can see more of my work at www.cobbart.co.uk  reach me at www.facebook.com/SteveCobbinCobbArt , [email protected]  and on Twitter; @CobbinSteve

Wallabrook Clapper